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Many of you have been following the (simple) instructions on exercising “for the soul” for months. It is to be expected that there will be some signs here and there that the body has begun to adapt to a different exercise intention of the mind.

The conversation below is part of the email communication between Sonja and me, and you also have the graph of the heart rhythm we are talking about.

Sonja says:

At yesterday’s training, I noticed something unusual. In the last third
> of training, my heart rate dropped to approx. 130 bpm remained approximately that way until the end
> of training.
> We did a light training of 60 minutes, and we ran at a steady pace throughout
> time.
> I didn’t notice any change in feeling during training.
> Is it a coincidence or a sign that some changes are occurring in the body due to training for
> The soul?

My response:

Well, that sounds very interesting and could certainly be one of the signs.

There is a possibility of a glitch (the watch loses contact with the skin or something similar). Still, the probability of this is lower since, in such cases, after a short time (usually less than a minute, there is a return to the normal state) or glitches, they repeat, so it can be seen that something is wrong from the technical side.

In this case, you have a potential outage before the 30th minute (there, you stopped for a moment or something like that), and there is also a break in the HR line. However, it is gone after the drop, and everything looks stable. So, if the graph is correct, that IS it!

A potential sign that this is NOT the case is that you haven’t noticed a change in subjective feeling. Such things are usually accompanied by a relatively strong subjective change, a feeling of calmness (even though the activity is the same), and some floating, “out of space” feeling. But, again, it doesn’t have to be; it’s not always like that (although, in most cases, it is).

The final confirmation that something is happening will be repeating it. We can hardly conclude anything from a one-time experience, but if it happens repeatedly (with objective evidence like this graph), we know something extraordinary is happening!

Keep on the good work, as they say. 😊

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