Lake Cerkniško is one of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe. It appears every year on the karst field, caught between the Javorniki on one side and the Bloška plateau and Slivnica on the other. In the dry part of the year, the lake disappears, so you can row, fish, walk, and mow the lawn in the same place all year round!

This was the first time we tested the Aqua Marina Tomahawk inflatable kayak. The kayak proved to be extremely stable and easy to handle. It is easy to transport and easy to prepare for sailing.

While Katja was cutting the surface of Lake Cerkniško, I explored the beautiful surroundings and nearby villages on a bicycle. We cooled our bodies in the not-so-cold lake and fed ourselves with a delicious snack in the shade of the trees.

Cerkniško Lake and its surroundings offer a truly exceptional range of activities; for example, in addition to rowing and cycling, the more energetic can climb the nearby mystical »mountain of witches« Slivnica (1100 m above sea level), or you can choose the Drvošec themed route, which is enriched by numerous informative and didactic tours through the unspoiled nature of Cerkniško Lake points.

In short, a great idea for a wonderful one-day trip to one of the pearls of Slovenian cultural and natural heritage.

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