For full disclosure, let me say that we like this camp very much. It is our summer base where we occasionally stay for months. Nonetheless, we’ll try to be objective in scoring. 😊

There are many reasons we like to come back and stay for a prolonged period. First, Viganj is one of the best places in Croatia for wind, wing, and kite surfers. During summer, you’ll usually get quiet mornings and nice afternoon wind (maestral) from 15 to 25 knots. Next, the camp is on the shore – the first parcels are literary 5 meters from the Sea. Inside the camp, you have free storage places for your windsurfing equipment. The kite, wing and windsurf Center is at the camp entrance (in case you want to rent, you’ll get a discount as the camp guest).

There is more: Viganj is a quiet place without mass tourism (no big hotels, mostly camps and small houses). For decades it has been a favorite windsurf destination for campers from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Czech, Poland, and the whole of Europe.

If you like to read more about Viganj and the surrounding area, please refer to an article on the old Soulwindsurf site: Return to old Love, Viganj, Croatia.

More information about the Antony Boy Camp is on their official website: Antony Boy Camp.

Following are some pictures of our nice, comfortable, shady, and detached plot we had this year (summer 2022.)

Antony Boy camp score

Antony Boy Camp, Viganj, Croatia

Location: The location is perfect for lovers of water sports. However, due to the wind cycles, it is not too windy for family vacations, kids, and non-surfers. However, there are no quiet beaches where you can enjoy privacy. For that, you have to explore the Pelješac peninsula. Orebić (the first bigger town) is 5 km, and Dubrovnik is around 90 km. Our score for location is 9.

Environment: Viganj is a small village. It is quiet but not entirely “natural”. One (of the two roads leading to Viganj from Orebić) is on the Seashore, separating the camp from the beach. So, every time you go swimming, windsurfing or sunbathing, you’ll have to cross the road (watch for the cars). Our score for the environment is 6.

Accessibility: Well, keep in mind that you have to come all the way down to the south of Croatia. The Pelješac bridge is finished (but not yet in the function while writing this article). Local roads are also a work in progress, but all in all, they are not bad. The problem for bigger motorhomes and caravans can be the Seashore road mentioned above. It is narrow. When you turn from the main road in Perna (after Orebić), you’ll have 5 kilometers of hard-to-pass-by adventure. If some truck or bus, or another motorhome comes from another direction… well, someone will have to drive back to find the wider place for passing by.

Once inside the camp, there is enough space for maneuvering even the biggest caravans or motorhomes.

Our score for accessibility is 4.

Functionality: Water, electricity, showers, toilets, camper service – everything functional. Our score: 10

Comfort: Most parcels are big enough to store boards and sail (if storage is full). There are two buildings (the third one is under construction) for toilets, showers, and dishwashing. If you choose the first rows, you’ll be near the Sea (excellent for carrying the equipment). If you go a little higher, you’ll be rewarded with a magnificent view of the island Korčula. Our score: 10

Hospitality: The staff is kind and responsive. There is a house handyman if you need something to repair. You’ll feel welcomed! Our score: 10

Added values: Our score for sports activities: 10; cultural activities: 7; gastronomy: 7. Average: 8

Sport and active vacation is the focus of all the guests of Antony Boy camp. It is a camp primarily for watersport lovers. Besides that, you can go biking or hiking (sv. Ilija. or Mons Vispera, 961m, is right above Orebić, and it is a must for all nature lovers), running, or whatever makes you happy. 10, without hesitation.

Cultural activities in Viganj are moderate (occasional concerts or theater in small city hall or atrium. Something more you can find in Orebeć, but also you can go to the city of Korčula (take a 30 min ferry or 10 min small taxi boat). And, of course, Dubrovnik (2 hours drive). There you can enjoy concerts, theaters, and the architecture. 7, because of the nearness of Korčula and Dubrovnik

Gastronomy is usual, but there are some interesting vegan sweets in Orebić and an innovative restaurant Chiringito in Viganj, where you can enjoy some good salads and (I was told) fish meals somewhat different than in other restaurants. We’ll be generous and give 7 for the gastronomy of the area.

The overall score for Antony Boy Camp in Viganj is 8,1.

Will we return?

Yes! It is the perfect place to spend the summer with a focus on windsurfing (or similar activities).

Here are some more pictures from the camp for your enjoyment!

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  1. Borna June 17, 2022 at 11:35 am - Reply

    Oh boy, my Antony boy, I already miss you! Gastronomy is alright as long as they don’t put me a fresh cucumber in my cocktail xD

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