There is a lot to do on the island of Brač. Bol is one of the best places for windsurfing; Vidova Gora is an excellent destination for hiking, and there are plenty of cycling trails.

Also, there is no shortage of history and culture. One of such places on Brač is Pustinja Blace. For some reason, many places here are called “pustinja” (desert). These are not deserts with sand, but simply “deserted places”, or secluded places.

“Pustinja Blace” was a hermitage, now turned into a museum, and stands as a testament to the island’s rich history; it was established in the 16th century by the Glagolitic priests. These priests sought refuge in Brač, fleeing from Poljica in the face of the advancing Turks. Today, Blaca can only be accessed on foot, following a path that has been traversed by countless mules and horses over the centuries, serving as the island’s sole link to civilization.

We decided to visit Pustinju Blace by cycling from Bol to the bay and the small village of Vela Farska. About ten kilometers of beautiful macadam bike path go along the coast from Bol via Murvica to Vela Farska.

We left the bikes in the woods at the start of the marked footpath to Blace Bay. Walking along that path by the sea is a real pleasure, especially for resting your eyes and perhaps your body in several hidden bays with crystal clear seas.

It takes about 45 minutes to walk to Blace Bay and then uphill for another half hour along a well-marked path. Along the way, you will be accompanied by scenes of high rocks, pine groves, and scattered stones. Somehow, this trip will transport you to another, more peaceful time when people lived much more and more deeply connected to nature.

If you’re lucky, you can attend a sightseeing tour of the museum. If not, just coming to this place and experiencing its feeling will remain special in your memory.

The return was the same way, a little more than an hour’s walk and a little more than half an hour by bike.

This was one of the most beautiful adventures we would like to repeat, and we warmly recommend it to all nature explorers whose path leads to the island of Brač.

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