On the first day of the year 2023., Croatia joined the Schengen Zone and adopted the Euro. We have always imagined a world without borders. Every time they appeared, we felt sadness. Every time they disappeared, happiness.

Today, some borders have been removed, so we symbolically walked through the former Schengen border with Slovenia on the northernmost point (Sveti Martin). We hope the ramps will never come down again.

The day was hot for the beginning of January, around 17 degrees C, with a moderate southwest wind.

Of course, we did some soul-walking beside the Mura river, along the so-called Svetomartinska šetnica. Along the path, 20 educational boards have been placed that teach about the Mura River, its importance throughout history and the biodiversity that is located along it, the history of scaffolding, and fishing along the Mura River. Three forest classrooms were installed on the trail, and the wooden bridge over the branch of the Mura River was also reconstructed.

In addition to a walk through untouched nature in a length of almost 5 km, this educational path also offers a lot of exciting information about the natural and traditional heritage of the important landscape of the Mura River. A river ferry also transports people and vehicles from one river bank to another without engines.

Later on, we visited Acuacity, a lake near Varaždin. It was a windy and warm day. As expected, many windsurfers, wingers, and foilers were there, enjoying the ideal beginning of the year. All in all, it was a perfect day!

About the Author: Emina

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