We are sure most of you will have heard of the Camino de Santiago. But probably not many people know that the Kvarner island of Krk has its own “Camino”.

Camino Krk is an approximately 160 km long trail divided into seven stages. We decided to go for a 5-day hike, starting in Malinska and finishing in the town of Krk. We were positively surprised by the fact that the trail is extremely well marked and suitable also for hikers with less mileage.

But what is most inspiring is the incredible diversity of the island. We started our journey on the beautiful path leading along the sea towards Omišalj (with its many beautiful coves). The following day we walked under the famous Krk Bridge, past beautiful groves of immortelle shrub and lavender, to the town of Soline, where we “bathed” in the healing mud. Then we continued our walk through a fairy-tale forest where one can find many streams and springs of fresh water, old trees, and lonely abandoned houses that spoke a story of their own.

The view of the town of Vrbnik, standing on a cliff high above the sea (as well as the town itself), deeply impressed us. The road from Vrbnik to Baška leads past the famous vineyards, where the famous “Žlahtnina” is produced, all the way up to a completely bare plateau (at approx. 400m above sea level), which is also known as the Moon Plateau.

The island’s famous hawks have a special safe place here and are under special protection.

The last leg from Baška to Krk was breath-taking with a climb to the highest peak of the island at 580 meters, where we felt almost as if we were somewhere in the Slovenian mountains, but with a breath-taking view of the beautiful Kvarner Bay and its islands.

Definitely, a trail worth visiting, as it has a therapeutic effect due to spending a few days walking in pristine nature.

P.s.: I wouldn’t waste a word on the tasty asparagus growing along the way – we shall be enjoying them for a year to come 😊

P.p.s.:  … and what could be better than having a snack on a tiny pier above the crystal-clear sea, or in the shade of an old tree, or by the pond with the sound of frogs having a party?

A Poem by Katja, inspired by Camino Krk

Covered with grass,
lined with stones,
between the trees,
touching the sea,
winds through the vineyards.

Sea views,
on a vast horizon,
on borderless skies,
on a rocky plateau,
steep, sloping, slick, eloquent,
boring, quiet, loud,
asphalted, muddy, dusty,

A taste of freedom,
with a fence that doesn’t belong there,
with plenty of green food,
with bays where the step slows down.

We walked along it, each of us at our own pace,
each with its own breath and heartbeat,
with words that have often made room for silence,
to bring the inner landscapes to life.

And we were, sometimes as small children,
happy, free, playful,
but also, with both heads bowed,
deep in our thoughts,
sometimes tired of many a step.

About the Author: Peter

Peter found his mission in working with books. He enjoys nature in all its forms (well, yes, there’s nothing more enjoyable than the sea 😊), and he would be sincerely delighted to be invited to any ball game. He also finds inspiration in dancing, especially NuDanza.
  1. Adrian May 30, 2023 at 4:46 pm - Reply

    Great post, Peter! Amazing scenery and an adventure so near and so accessible to all!

  2. Sonja Jantar June 2, 2023 at 6:51 pm - Reply

    I am definitely inspired! Thank you for sharing this wonderful trail with us!

  3. Borna August 21, 2023 at 9:30 am - Reply

    Heard about it a couple of years ago. Pity that Croatian islands always seem so distant to us so we give up of going there. I hope that will change in the future. Thank you for the inspiration and for reminding us they are closer than we think! :)

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