This time last year (end of April), we were also on the island of Brač. You can read HERE about windsurfing and natural beauty reasons for choosing the same place twice in a row. However, last year it was “Camp no. 1”, this year we finally managed to stay at “Aloa Camp”. Their official website is HERE.

The travel combination was also the same: a van with a bedroom and a Windy trailer for windsurfing equipment. We’ll cook outside and use toilets and showers on-site.

The plan was to stay longer, but this year the weather was not in our favor. The first couple of days were nice and sunny, although with lower temperatures than last year. The forecast for the following week was cloudy and rainy. That, and some unexpected and unrelated events, made us shorten our stay. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our stay at Aloa. Mostly we were entertaining bike tracks (in abundance on Brač). Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to windsurf (no wind).

But let’s focus on Camp Aloa.

Camp Aloa

Located on a steep coast north of Zlatni Rat, Camp Aloa is a shady, peaceful oasis with somewhat difficult access for trailers and larger campers.

When you come to Bol, take a right turn to Murvica. The entrance to the Camp is two kilometers uphill, on the left side. Then, you’ll have to drive your vehicle downhill carefully, over the steep serpentine path inside the camp. Not a problem for smaller vans, but if you are longer and larger, well… you’ll get to the parcels, but you’ll not want to move around to repeat the experience.

Our trailer is 4,2 meters long, fully packed probably around 900 kg weight. With careful drive, there was no problem with it, but anything larger and heavier… I would not take a risk.

Once on a parcel, though, it is really beautiful. Most of the camp is under the shade of pine trees. It is perfect for the hot summers. However, at this time of the year, we took a sunny parcel – with a perfect view of the Sea.

This is something worth a little trouble with the access. However, every time you’ll want to take a walk to the Bol or take a ride on the bicycle, you’ll have to climb uphill to the road. That’s a little annoying.

The other part we have a suspicion about is the fact that the camp is quite big: 60 spots for campers (not parcels, but spots, so you can expect it to be crowdy in the high season), mobile home sections, glamping tent section, camping tents section… A lot of people, with a limited beach (not more than 200 meters) and access to the Sea.

The same can be said for windsurfing access. There is a Center in the camp (Active Bol) where you can rent the equipment for windsurfing, kite, and all other water sports, plus bikes. You can also hire a guide to hiking, biking, or cultural locations. That’s convenient and praiseworthy.

As for private material, you can arrange storage with the owners of the Center, because you’ll probably have difficulties with carrying boards and sails down and uphill to your camping spot.

If you are ok with these small disadvantages, you’ll probably immensely enjoy being in contact with the beautiful nature provided by Camp Aloa and its environment.

Here are some of the photos taken during our stay.

Camp Aloa score

Camp Aloa, Croatia

Location: Great. A little bit out of the reach of noisy Bol beaches, but at the same time, somehow isolated. You can not walk anywhere outside the camp, and also walking inside it is difficult due to the steepness. Our score: 7.

Environment: Quiet, green, beautiful. The Sea is clean; there is no mass tourism around. Our score: 9

Accessibility: The camp is easy to find, but access is difficult. There are no defined parcels. We give only 3 for accessibility.

Functionality: Electricity seems to work ok, and there are enough toilets and freshwater spots. Everything is modest but functional. Our score: 8

Comfort: Comfort is modest. Everything is clean, but the showers are drafty (acceptable in summer, but when it is cold outside, you want something more protected. Our score is 3.

Hospitality: Cordiality and hospitality of the staff are on the level. No problem here. Our score: 9

Added values: 10 + 6 + 8 = 8

Our score for sports activities: 10; cultural activities: 6; gastronomy: 8. Average: 8

You can engage in many sports activities around the camp. Water sports (windsurfing, SUPing, kitesurfing, foiling, kayaking, swimming, you name it…). Island Brač is full of bike tracks.

Bol and Brač, in general, are full of historical sites and cultural activities, but, mostly during summer.

Regarding, gastronomy, it is as usual on Adriatic islands, with a special recommendation of Biomania street food right on Golden Cape and a restaurant in Bol town. It’s a world-class offer of vegan and bio food!

The overall score for the No.1 camp in Bol is 6,6.

Will we return?

Maybe. The place is beautiful, but it did not impress us as something to return to.

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