Starigrad is a town on the Adriatic Sea coast at the foot of Velebit. It is mainly known for its access to the Paklenica National Park. We were in one of its camps, which hikers and climbers mainly use.

The camp is easy to find: turn left from the main road by the Direction building of the Public Institution Paklenica National Park. Although we like to hike the peaks of Velebit’s peaks, we were passing by this time. This was the first time we spent the night in our new campervan.

You can find more information about the camp on their official website.

Camp “Nacionalni park”

The first impression was – cute. It is a small place by the sea, partially covered by trees. It has a private beach, but we imagine the camp can be pretty crowded due to the lack of clearly defined parcels. When we arrived, it was an Eastern, and we found the last spot in the camp; everything was full. But surprisingly, the pace was quiet (hikers and climbers have a reason for a sound sleep during the night).

The electricity was available, but we didn’t take it because we were well off with our battery.

Toilets and showers are in the main building at the camp’s entrance. Everything is clean and functional, so there are no surprises.

Camping “Nacionalni park” Score

Location: Excellent with a purpose in mind: a base place to explore Paklenica National Park. Our score is 7.

Environment: Although hikers and climbers mainly use the camp, it can be a lovely summer oasis if you don’t mind the crowdiness. Our score is 7.

Accessibility: The camp is easy to find, and access is directly from the main road. There are no parcels, so the camp is mainly suitable for smaller campervans and motorhomes, maybe smaller caravans. We give 7 for accessibility.

Functionality: The electricity works fine, like everything else. Our score is 8.

Comfort: Comfort is not a priority, but everything is clean and pleasant. Our score is 7.

Hospitality: Average hospitality. In contact with the staff, we felt they were tired of so many guests. Score: 5

Added values: 10 + 3 + 3 = 5,3

Our score for sports activities: absolutely 10; cultural activities: 3; gastronomy: 3. Average: 5,3

You can start your hike right from the camp (although it is better to drive to the entrances of the National Park. Cycling is also a possibility, as is windsurfing or watersports.

We could not locate any cultural activities. Summer is different, and the city of Zadar is one hour away. Anyway, we gave a low score for that.

The same is valid for gastronomy. We may be wrong, but the feeling is that it’s all about pizzas and boring and usual meat and fish. For now, the score for that is low.

The overall score for Camp “Nacionalni Park” is 6.6.

Will we return?

Yes, it is a nice place, and first of all practical and useful to enjoy in the exploration of the national park Paklenica.

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