Visiting different campsites is an interesting experience. Each camp has its soul. There are always pluses, something that is just perfect. And, there are always minuses, something that can be improved. Different people, different interests and views: it’s not easy to give a general score to a camp place.

We developed our own scale to give points to a different aspects of a camping place. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful and judge what is important for you and what isn’t.

In each review, we’ll present you a chart with our scores for a particular camping place, a description, impressions, some details, and photos.

For each camping place, we’ll give a score from 1 to 10 in the following categories.

Location: Where is the camp located; how beautiful or useful this location is.

Environment: What surrounds the camp? Nature, city, quietness, noise, cleanings, etc.

Accessibility: How accessible is the camp? Is it easy to find? Can you come with a caravan, motorhome, small or big? Roads, entrance, and moveability inside and around the camp.

Functionality: What works inside the camp? Electricity, water, toilets, garbage, storage, etc.

Comfort: How big are parcels? Are camping utilities new or old? Space, numbers of showers, toilets, kitchens, washing machines, their state, general impressions.

Hospitality: Communication with owners, staff attitudes, general behavior, helpfulness, etc.

Added values: By “added values,” we mean is there some other activities, possibilities and offers inside the camp or around it. We judge three main categories: 1) sports activities (trekking, watersports, biking, etc.), 2) cultural activities (concerts, museums, history, etc.) and 3) gastronomy (mainly, is there enough variety in gastro offers, especially vegan, vegetarian, eco and bio food). For each category, we give scores from 1 to 10 and then calculate an average for “added values”.


And finally, as a general statement, for each camp, we’ll answer a question about returning. The scores will not always express the general feeling, but the answer of returning definitely will.

About the Author: Emina

Happy dancer, Nudanza teacher, windsurfer (foil, foil, foil!), climber and trekker, sensual and gentle soul in love with nature. She’ll write about matters of feelings, heart and passion. In any field. In all fields. She is Emina, of course.
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