On the other side of the channel between Pelješac and Korčula, in Viganj, camping is the number one choice of visitors, mainly wind lovers. However, that means in the peak of the season, the shore can get crowdy.

The Eastern shore of Korčula, with the same or even better wind, always looked like a great potential for excellent camping possibilities. So, we decided to check the situation!

One day, windless, of course, we took our e-scooters on a ferry from Orebić to Dominče on Korčula (20 minutes). The idea was to ride along the coast and see if there were any camps to consider for the next year.

We found three camping sites, but… There is no point in mentioning their names because we would not take a chance and go camping there. The shore is beautiful – and peaceful – but the camps are small and somehow improvised. They are all right for backpacking with a small tent, but anything else would be too optimistic.

In the places with good entrance points for wind activities, you can find some apartments, if that is your thing. It is not ours, so… nothing.

Nothing in the sense of windsurfing camping, but Korčula have many things to offer. We loved our excursion and made a nice e-scooter ride video with some scenes from old town Korčula. Enjoy!

When we get a chance, we’ll investigate the rest of island Korčula for camping. So, the number 2 or 3 of Korčula camp searching surely follows.

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