Island Pag is renowned for its lunar-like landscape, with rocky terrain, sparse vegetation, and vast stretches of barren land. This stark and rugged scenery gives the island a surreal and otherworldly charm, making it a popular destination for photographers and adventurers alike. See our adventure with “Life on Mars”.

Despite its rocky coastline, Pag offers an array of stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

After a day in National Park Paklenica, we hiked the “Life on Mars” trail and spent the night in Camp Šimuni.

It is a big one! Very comfortable, orderly, and in perfect position, this camp is a family heaven and an excellent base for outdoor activities on the unique island of Pag. You can find more information about the camp on their official website.

We would probably not visit at the peak of the season. Due to the enormous size of the camp, we can imagine it is pretty crowded. However, the camp beach is long and wide enough, so maybe it is not so bad. If you have children and like constant activity and the moving of many people, with all the necessary facilities (many restaurants, markets, bars, etc.), then it would be the place for you.

We were there off-season; after the Eastern, not many guests were in the camp, so we enjoyed it very much.

Camping “Šimuni” Score

Location: Excellent, in the right spot for everything you want to do on your vacation. Our score is 9.

Environment: Perfect. Enough shade, right on the Sea with long and wide beaches. Score: 10

Accessibility: The camp is easy to find, and access is directly from the main road. You can enter and move around with the largest of motorhomes or caravans. Score: 10

Functionality: The electricity and water on every parcel. Everything works. Our score is 10.

Comfort: For a camp, superb comfort. Our score is 10.

Hospitality: The suitable measure. Not overly pushy, but very helpful. Score: 8

Added values: 9 + 6 + 6 = 7

Our score for sports activities: 9; cultural activities: 6; gastronomy: 6. Average: 7

The camp is a good starting point for biking on Pag. You can also windsurf during the bora wind or drive ten minutes to the best spot for the south wind (Košljun Bay).

The camp offers a lot of entertainment (adrenalin park, mini golf, children’s playground), and in summer, you can enjoy live music. The city of Pag is also nearby (ten minutes drive).

Regarding gastronomy, again, the same story as in most places in Croatia: no variety, just traditional restricted offerings. However, we like the chees, so, some extra points for that.

The overall score for Camp “Nacionalni Park” is 9.1.

Will we return?

Yes, it is a superb place. However, the size of the camp does not promise peace and quietness. Low season only.

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