After long winter, it is time to prepare our caravan for summer. It is a new beauty (2021) – Dethlefs Nomad, very comfortable and, actually, luxurious. We bought it without air conditioning because we wanted to check if the summer breezes would be fresh enough for natural cooling. Mostly, it was ok, but there were some days, sometimes a week or ten days in a row, when the heat was unbearable. So we decided to install air conditioning. It will come in handy when the wind stops, and shades from the trees will not provide enough protection.

So, we’ll leave our caravan in Ljubljana Caravan Center and pick it up again in a few weeks. There is also some additional camping equipment we have to buy. The end of May is near, and that is the time for us to hit the road!

About the Author: Emina

Happy dancer, Nudanza teacher, windsurfer (foil, foil, foil!), climber and trekker, sensual and gentle soul in love with nature. She’ll write about matters of feelings, heart and passion. In any field. In all fields. She is Emina, of course.
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