This year Wels Caravan Salon opened its doors from 19.-23.10.2022. We decided to go and check for ourselves what kind of new toys there are for camper lovers.

The Fair was quite crowded, which proves that despite the increase in prices, people are eager to consider buying a new home on wheels.

The Covid crisis gave an additional impulse to the industry because your room (or a house) is the safest place to be. If you can travel with it or in it, why not? But, independent from that, many people would not change a spot on the shore, or under the green trees, for any luxurious hotel room. Camping has a great future, no doubt.

We went to Wels with mixed feelings. We knew that most of the things there would be financially beyond our reach. And, since we are from Croatia, we are painfully aware that not many people here can afford the pleasures of owning a recreational vehicle. Nevertheless, we were excited to feel the atmosphere and finally examine all motorhomes, campers, and caravans we had wanted to examine for a long time. You know the frustration when you see a nice trailer on the road, and you want a tiny peek inside, a measure of the bed, or check the height in the bathroom… But, of course, you can not. It is not proper to ask a stranger to let you in their house just to satisfy your curiosity.

We were looking forward to entering every small and big, simple or luxurious motorhome, camper, or caravan. Finally, we will be able to feel how it is to sit in the driver’s seat in whatever vehicle we want. And to measure every bed we want. If you ask why this is important, the answer is simple: short people are in a better position, they know every small car will have enough space, but we have to be careful because sleeping in a too-short bed means no sleeping at all.

So we did just that! We enjoyed our stay and were happy to explore Wels Caravan Salon 2022. We’ll share videos we made (until the camera battery died out) during the next few months. Yes, don’t be surprised; we created a lot of materials. It will take time to edit all of them. We hope you’ll enjoy watching them. A warning, though: our reviews will not be professional and detailed as such reviews can be. We aimed to capture the feeling of the vehicle and point out its strong features as we see them.

So, let’s start with an Introductory video and a gallery of random pictures.

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