It is a family tradition to explore the surroundings of our holiday stay as much as possible. This usually means walking or cycling to the highest peak when on islands. This time we were on Brač (Island in the Adriatic Sea). We just had to choose the best day to go to Vidova Gora, the highest peak on the island and all the Adriatic islands. We chose Tuesday, of course, because it is Mangal’s day.

Walking was out of the question, as we had already combined swimming and walking in the previous days ( e.g., Lovrečina beach, the Lady of Gorme, and the remains of the church of St. Lawrence). The fact that we didn’t bring our own bikes didn’t hinder us; we borrowed them. But this meant that the peculiarities of a rented bike were yet to get used. Yes, it’s true; the rented bikes were e-bikes. But that doesn’t mean the 21-kilometer route to Vidova Gora was a small treat.

E-bikes are great because they have several different levels of assistance (‘eco,’ ‘tour,’ ‘turbo,’ some models have a ‘walk’ function); but are heavier. So ‘eco’ is just about reducing the weight of the bike and minimal assistance, ‘tour’ comes into play when ‘eco’ is no longer the case, and saves you from kicking the bike, which of course, is no fault of the bike and which kicks back (you know, the leg hurts anyway). The ‘turbo’ level is for goofing off when you know you’ve only got a kilometer to the final destination. But it’s also the level when you have nothing to do but squeal because it’s too steep or hope that the bike will pity you and accept your apology for kicking it (only in your imagination).

After a few initial kilometers (Postira-Splitska) on a macadam path that led along the coast through a pleasant and fragrant pine forest, the bikes clicked with us, i.e., we found a harmonious rhythm.

At first glance, it seemed that the battery would last indefinitely. Still soon enough, even before the town of Škrip, it became clear that it would be necessary to conserve and continue at one’s own pace with minimal assistance.

To Nerežišč, the road led us along a less frequented asphalt road. From there on, we had to join the main road connecting Nerezisce and Bol. We tried to find a macadam path, but it was unsuitable for the borrowed bikes. The magnificent views of Supetar and towards Split, the peace and quiet of nature, tempted us to persevere on this path, but we could only progress on foot. So we returned to the main road.

Until now, we were in tune with the bikes and the route. It is very important to cycle in rhythm, adjusting the power or gear ratio to the rhythm. One should cycle as fast uphill as on the flat; the power varies as much as the body allows at that given moment. So we cycled in rhythm and the shade of the pine trees to the top, to Vidova Gora.

The prize? If you think about it: breathtaking panoramas of a coastline (Bol, Zlatni rat, Hvar, Vis, etc.) that seemingly are on forever. As we rested from the strenuous ascent, the sun’s rays glinted off the ocean’s blue surface.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to celebrate our accomplishment with a well-earned beer at the summit, something that at least one expedition member had been looking forward to since at least the town of Škrip. We aimed to return the bikes before sundown, so we skipped the refreshingly cool drink and headed down into the valley.

We let the island’s charm enthrall us once more as we descended. We raced down the steep route that had brought us from the chill of the summit to the searing heat of the coast below. Enjoying the fresh air and breeze in our hair was an unforgettable experience.

Returning the bikes to Postira, we agreed that the trip had been well worth the effort, and who knows, maybe someday we’ll go back to the peak of Vidova gora at sunset with a beer in hand.

About the Author: Mirica

Mirica is a professor of the Slovenian language and loves to explore how people communicate and speak to each other on various occasions. She is on a mission to share her love for the beauty of sports, words, and nature.
  1. Adrian July 6, 2023 at 8:06 am - Reply

    Welcome to End7ess Team, Mirica and Tilen! Nice article and a great adventure! I like the comments about e-bikes: my sentiments exactly.

  2. Sonja Jantar July 7, 2023 at 8:24 pm - Reply

    I love the way you write, it is like reading a good novel! And the photos are just amazing, especially the one where you see the beach zlatni rat in the background.

  3. Borna August 21, 2023 at 9:00 am - Reply

    Shame for the beer but the views were amazing. Yes, you need to do it again. This time with beer ;)

  4. Mira August 21, 2023 at 6:31 pm - Reply

    For sure! 😎🍻

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