This is an invitation to join our Endless SoulSport online community. It is a place where we can share our experiences in search of “the flow” (or “the zone” as some call it) while practicing a healthy lifestyle. It is also a place where we can see our progress as individuals and as a group, motivate each other to walk, hike, swim, ride, surf, or do whatever we like to do to honor and develop our mind, body, and soul through physical activity.

Talking about the flow experience during exercises is not something you can usually find among recreational and sports groups. Practicing it is even more rare. We aim to fill that empty space and welcome all of you who appreciate nature, physical movement, and non-competitive sports. Your age is of no concern. Young or mature, your body is a source of incredible energy. With a correct approach to exercise you can surprise yourself (and all others) and achieve miracles.

One very practical way to interact with each other is an exchange of exercise data via sports watches. We have used them for a long time (practically from the moment they appeared as technological possibilities) and found them very useful, especially regarding motivation. The logical step forward in the End7ess SoulSport project was to create a group around already existing applications made with the purpose of connecting similar-minded people. We are aware that the sports watches industry is competitive and there are many excellent products out there. Without hidden intentions, we choose the Garmin brand as the most suitable for our purpose (there will be another article about the usefulness of sports watches, please don’t shy away from using them).

However, of course, there are many other brands you may like and use. Each brand has its own application and the possibility to form an online community. The problem is that an exercise or training you record and upload (automatically or manually) on one brand of watch is not visible to users of other brands. The solution is found in an online application (web and mobile) called STRAVA.

On Strava we created a club with an obvious name: End7ess SoulSport. The direct link to our club page is:

If you want to join, you will have to make an account on Strava. There are subscription options, but for our purpose, a free account is all right.

Next, you’ll have to own at least one sports watch and learn how to use it (it is fun and simple). Each brand has its own application, so you will have to have an account there. Usually, all your activities will be automatically uploaded on your watch brand application.

And finally, you’ll have to connect your application with Strava. The detailed instructions are here:

You can skip the brand application and set up your watch to upload automatically on Strava, or do it manually after every activity you want to be visible on your Strava account and subsequently on End7ess SoulSport club. There are some technical details you will have to go through, depending on your watch brand and what and how you want to participate (if we can help, don’t hesitate to contact us), but once it is done, the net result will be that your activities will be visible on our End7ess club page.

There, we can discuss our results, goals, and techniques, give advice, comment posts, even push each other in friendly challenges, and motivate each other for further progress in the direction of the flow experience.

Wellcome to End7ess SoulSport Club!

About the Author: Adrian

Author and writer of more than fifty books, teacher, lecturer, explorer of consciousness, avid windsurfer, and lover of outdoor activities. He’ll write mostly about windsurfing on fin and foil, spot reviews, and camping equipment.
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