New Starboard Evolution fuselages come in sizes 95, 105, 115, 120, and Evolution Classic 102. Do you know what “Classic” stands for?

I didn’t know, so I googled. No information on the internet, which is strange. Nobody I asked (among others, at least two Starboard dealers) didn’t know about the secret of the “Classic” fuselage. Two of the biggest Starboard foils (SuperCruser and SuperFlyer) come with the 102 Evolution Classic fuselage.

“Evolution” is a new (2022) system for front wings. Explanation from the Starboard Foils website: “The Evolution fuselages remove the front bulb to enhance water flow, maximize front wing efficiency and reduce drag. Your foil cuts through water smoother, faster, and effortlessly.”

All Starboard front wings are now Evolution, meaning you can not use them on old ++ fuselages, nor can you use old front wings on Evolution fuselages. The system for back wings stays the same. SuperCruser wing (1700) and SuperFlyer wing you can now use with all Evolution fuselages, but again, what is “classic 102” the recommended fuselage for that two foils?

A few days ago, I came into possession of 102 Classic fuselage, and here is the secret revealed. Look at the picture:

One fuselage is Evolution 105, and the other is Evolution Classic 102. Only three centimeters difference, but a massive difference in balance. From the point where the mast goes, you can see that in the shorter fuselage (Evolution Classic 102) front wing comes nearer to the mast, and the back wing goes much further back than in the case of the longer fuselage (Evolution 105). That must make a difference in performance.

I was using SuperFlyer last summer but on Evolution 105. Reviews of that foil were all about superb stability. However, I was not so convinced. SuperFlyer gave me a good ride, but nothing to be excited about. The different design of recommended fuselage could be the reason.

Well, now I know, and I can’t wait to try it on the water!

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