Since I decided to check out all windfoils Starboard offers, SuperFlyer was next on my list. I got the standard version (1300 cm2). For 2023., Starboard came out with an even bigger Superflyer of 1500 cm2. That one would be for lighter winds and heavier riders, although 1300 is already big enough for that.

Standard SuperFlyer comes with the same setup as SuperCruiser: 85 aluminum mast, 102 evolution classic fuselage, and 330 tail wing. By the way, alu mast is very stift; I actually can feel the difference between carbon and alu masts only in very high wind and strong pressure. For regular recreational enjoyment, I think the huge difference in price in comparison with almost the same performance is not worth the money.

102 classic fuselage enables the front wing to sit closer to the mast. Due to my previous experience with SuperCruiser, I thought that SuperFlyer would again force me to a more backward position. But, it was not the case. The feeling was more similar to freeride foil.

The wind was light (11 to max 14 kt), but I managed to get going, although I had 7,0 LoftSails Skyscape (bigger would be better and easier). The position of the sail joint was not so much back as with SuperCruiser. The ride was easy and comfortable; the foil feels very stable and responsive to every move, but not too nervous. I think it is just the right measure of fast reactions and stability. I liked that aspect of SuperFlyer very much.

Starboard’s claim about SuperFlyer is as follows: “The SuperFlyer is the next level up from the SuperCruiser. It offers similar riding characteristics with a bit more glide and speed.”

I can agree with the glide part, but not with the speed. I was actually faster on SuperCruiser than on Superflyer (the conditions were quite similar)! Maybe I have to give it more chances to prove itself, but the overall feeling was: slow.

That said, you have to keep in mind that speed is not what you are looking for with these foils (SuperCruiser and SuperFlyer). I think SuperFlyer is all about responsiveness (turns are very nice, even those tight ones). I could imagine myself playing with freestyle moves and jumping around on that foil. Well, I could imagine, but freestyling was never my pair of shoes.

If it is yours, then you will do very well with Superflyer. Of course, it is very good for starting the foil adventure and excellent for practicing flying jibes. So, if you are inclined to playfulness on the water, Superflyer could be your weapon of choice from the beginning all the way up to freestyling mastery.

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