Croatia’s islands are a treasure trove of unique beauty, each one a special gem in its own right. Island Pag, however, stands out even among these exceptional islands. Its landscapes are so uniquely beautiful, they might just transport you to another world, perhaps even Mars.

And that is where we have been: the “Life on Mars” trail was officially opened in 2019 and has since attracted people from all over the world. The starting points are in the small town of Metajna. From there, you can choose to walk 6, 12, 16, or 21 kilometers of well-marked trails.

The best times of the year are spring and autumn (summer is too hot). The paths are easy, but the scenery is stunning! Don’t leave the marked paths, though, even if you have a visual of the point you want to reach. You might be lost in unfriendly terrain with sharp rocks, all looking alike, slowing you down considerably.

If you want more information about “Life on Mars,” visit the web pages of the local tourist community.

As for our adventure, the pictures will tell you all about it: no need for extra descriptions except a strong recommendation: you have to walk “Life on Mars.” There is no question about it—it is a unique experience easily accessible to everyone.

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