The Middle of March is not usually the time to take a break from a busy schedule, but we did it anyway this year. Čikat camp is open all year and is on our travel map. But, our winter camper van was not ready yet, and the weather forecast was not ideal, so we took the easy way out – a hotel in Veli Lošinj, Vitality hotel Punta. Highly recommended, pleasant and comfortable, vegan-friendly food and bicycle-friendly environment (a separate storage room for guests with bicycles).

The island Lošinj is ideal for accessible bicycle routes beside the Sea. There are hundreds of kilometers of paths for walking and cycling. You can start anywhere and follow your intuition. That is precisely what we did on the first day. The route took us west, through Mali Lošinj, then through Čikat forest park, Silver lagoon, and back to the Veli Lošinj and Punta hotel.

Here is the track:

We took our electric Cube bikes, but the route was relaxing and easy. You can stop anywhere, sit and enjoy in salty Sea air. All in all, 25 kilometers, 2 hours, with stops and sightseeing. Real soul bike day 1! 😊

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