On the second day, we continued our bike adventures on the island of Lošinj. The morning was cold with strong bora wind. At first, we thought it would be impossible to enjoy the bike ride. Still, around noon, bora retreated, leaving behind painfully fresh air, which was quickly warmed under the clear sunny sky, and the day turned out to be a perfect day for exploration of the unknown territory.

We headed south from hotel Punta, through Veli Lošinj, following the path by the Sea. However, after a few kilometers, the course turned out to be quite demanding. Finally, our MTB tires showed their worth! We were forced to walk a few more kilometers pushing our bikes because the trail became narrow and filled with large stones. But the whole scenery was so refreshing and fulfilling that we gladly endured some extra effort.

We tried a few paths that turned too narrow for bikes and finally decided to return to the main road, head north, and return to the starting point via the familiar by-the-sea path.

Here is the track of today’s adventure:

Look at the pictures, and you will quickly understand why our day 2 was not so much about riding a bicycle, but more about enjoying the fresh air, a sunny day, and the taste of the beautiful island of Lošinj.

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