Cres is a bigger brother of Lošinj island. They are separated and connected by 10 meters bridge. However, it is quite different, higher, firmer, somehow wild, and proud. We took one hour drive from Veli Lošinj to the city of Cres. The track starts at the Cres Marina and then goes gradually uphill. It is an old road, now used to access olive gardens, pine forests, and hills with sheep pastures. It is pretty rocky, so MTB tires are a necessity.

But if you go there, you will not regret it! The view on the city of Cres is impressive, and the ride through the shadows of pine trees is exhilarating. We were in a constant dilemma: to pursue the wind on our faces or to stop and silently admire nature. Gladly, we did both.

Here is the track:

We missed a crossroad that would take us to the town of Valun through the hill slopes. Instead, we made our way to the main road. Nevertheless, it was a good “mistake” because the main roads are empty at this time of the year.

Valun is a gemstone. A small town, a little bay with emerald-blue sea waters. Peace, quietness, natural beauty. It was a pleasure to rest a little there before heading back (up, up, up with 12 degrees slope!).

All in all, one thing is sure: there is much more to see and many more tracks to discover. Cres, we’ll be back!

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