Day six of our stay on Lošinj was quite windy. Bora wind started the day earlier with rain. But today was sunny and quite fresh, on the edge of being cold. We had plans to bicycle the south side via the old road for Ilovik, but instead, we decided to take an easy hike and explore the southern side of the island, which is intersected by small paths leading to secluded beaches.

Those paths are well-marked with hiking circles and signposts on crossroads. If you start from the Sea level, you can take any of the few paths leading uphill to Sv. Ana or Sv. Ivan and then follow the signs to Grgoščak and Pogled. Those are the highest points on the southern side of the island. Grgoščak is 243 m, and Pogled 241. Both are on the old road leading to Ilovik island.

If you want to explore hidden bays and beaches, you can take paths to Javorna, Kriška, or Jamna.

This time we decided to go uphill. The wind followed us all the way, so in spite of the sunny day and almost 14 degrees temperature, we had to protect ourselves with hats and wind blockers. But, due to the clearness of the air, the view on mountain Velebit on the mainland was magnificent!

The track of today’s hike is here:

It was a two-hour walk with many stops to admire the view. Next time we will continue downhill from Grgoščak to the bays on the western side. That area of the island is not urbanized and looks promising for discovering hidden beauties of nature.

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