“Mariborsko Pohorje rises above the southern part of Maribor and continues towards Areh. Together with the latter, it represents an attractive tourist, sports, and recreational center in both the winter and summer seasons. It offers numerous opportunities for recreation and pleasant relaxation in the embrace of nature. Activities in the natural environment, which is close yet sufficiently removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, include skiing, cycling, hiking, and various adrenaline experiences. Pohorje and the area beneath it also offer a diverse range of cabins, local establishments, and hotels.”

Well, the paragraph above is from the official site: https://www.visitpohorje.si/en/

The place itself is one hour from our home. Despite that, we were there only officially, giving curses in remote resorts around Pohorje and Rogla. This was the first time we went just for recreational purposes. Although you can drive to the top (Hotel Bellevue), we decided to take a cabin car. As you can see from the picture, I am no fan of this. Too much shaking too far off the ground. But I am no chicken either, so I enjoyed the amazing view!

Once on the top, the walk was easy, with only a 300-meter difference in altitude. There was no snow despite the late date, but the paths were full of people, especially bicyclists.

Two hours of fresh air and untouched nature – that was very nice and relaxing.

The plan is to come again, this time with our e-bikes, and ride the paths to the Šumik (or wherever the mountain takes us).

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