Istria is one of the most magical parts of Croatia. It is a peninsula in the northwest part, bordering Italy and Slovenia (part of Istria is Slovenian). Turisticaly speaking it is the most developed part of the Croatian Adriatic coast. However, Istria is much more than just “a See summer destination”. Its middle part is full of history, art, and beautiful traditional towns on hills like Motovun or Grožnjan. It is also a favorite destination for cyclists (hundreds of kilometers of tracks far away from official roads), hikers, and climbers. Without hesitation, it is a place to visit at least once in life. (Warning: the first time will hardly be the last!)

We spent three days camping just below the town of Motovun (there are articles about two days of cycling and one day of hiking). The camp is called “Motovun Camping”. Their official site you can find HERE.

The location on Google Maps is HERE.

Camping Motovun

It is a small camp consisting of 12 parcels plus the possibility of semi-camping on parking just below the camp. Before coming we called the number listed on the site and a lady very cordially said that there was no need (or possibility) for a reservation; we may come, and there will be a place for us for sure. Well, although it was the end of September we were actually very lucky to get the last free parcel (two campervans came after us, one of them took the parking place, and one turned and left).

However, since this camp is more like a resting place than a camp to spend holidays, most people are staying for a night or two. During our three-day stay, all parcels were occupied, left, and occupied again at least twice. So, there is a lot of traffic, campers are coming and going. But, since during the day everyone usually enjoys other activities, the camp is mostly empty (of people).

Everything in the camp is clean and functional, but small. One toilet for men and one for women. The same with showers. However, there is a kitchen at your disposal (fridge and stove – but it seems rarely used). And, as a surprise, there is a small pool inside the camp. Looks clean and can be attractive during the summer heat, but again, nobody used it during our stay.

As an additional benefit, guests of the camp have free access to the inner pool in the hotel “Kaštel”, 10% off for eating in their restaurant, and some discount on wellness services. However, “Kaštel” is on the top of the Motovun hill (2,5 kilometers steep uphill).

There is no reception and no personnel in the camp (except for a cleaning staff that comes twice a day). You can self-register by filling out the form taken from the box at the entrance and leaving the money in an attached envelope. A nice touch of trust, really.

We enjoyed our stay, especially because of the Motovun town. First, take a look at some photos we made in the camp.

Then, since the impression is about the camp and the whole experience, take a look at some photos made the first night uphill in Motovun town.

Now you can read the scores and some more detailed explanations about the camp and all around it. And, in the end, to complete the picture, one special piece of poetry written by Adrian in a moment of inspiration.

Camping Motovun Score

Camping Motovun, Istira, Croatia

Location: Excellent with a purpose in mind: a base place to explore Motovun and its surroundings. So, our score is 7.

Environment: As a place to stay, not so great because it can be noisy (parking and the main road to Motovon are close by). However, you can have some nice views on the northern side. Our score is 5.

Accessibility: The camp is easy to find, access is directly from the main road to Motovun. Parcels are small and suitable for motorhomes and campervans but not for caravans. We give 6 for accessibility.

Functionality: Electricity works fine, everything is functional but sometimes you have to wait for a toilet. Our score is 6.

Comfort: Comfort is modest. Everything is clean and functional. Our score is 5.

Hospitality: Cordiality and hospitality of the staff are on the level. “Trust touch” deserves the highest score: 10

Added values: 10 + 10 + 10 = 10

Our score for sports activities: absolutely 10; cultural activities: absolutely 10; gastronomy: 10. Average: 10

You can start walking or cycling directly from the camp and soon be on the Parenzana track or one of the numerous tracks surrounding the place.

History, art, culture – Motovun and Istria are all about it. Literary, you can not make a step without stumbling on some cultural or historical value.

Almost the same is true for gastronomy. Vine, spices, and especially truffles (October is the month of truffles, you can not escape from them.) We were thinking about giving 9 points because there is no visible offer of vegetarian dishes, but if you ask, any tavern will prepare something for you. So, again, pure 10.

The overal score for Camping Motovun is 7.

Will we return?

Of course, no doubt. Our feeling is that the exploration of Istria is just at the beginning!

The Motovun Song

Golden and green is every autumn day
around the old town of Motovun.
But nights! Magic and glory, I would say,
under the light of its silver Moon.

What else would you need,
but the rock under your feet,
and the sound of spinning wheels?

What else would you wish for
but the road ahead around one more
of those countless sleepy hills?

Golden and green are autumn days,
fresh are nights filled with silver dust.
The old town of Motovun will find its way,
open its heart, and reveal its mystical past.

But it is today
that you are standing here,
breathing and singing and laughing aloud.
It is today
that you are walking among the golden and the green,
among the sleepy and the wide awake.

And all you wish for is one more road ahead,
one more night under the silver Moon;
to feel the rock and hear the wheels
spinning around the old town of Motovun.

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