There are many kinds of windsurfing harnesses. I never get used to waist harnesses, although many swear they are more comfortable. Maybe it is because of the height (with a 195 cm waist harness was always somehow too high), or maybe it is just because I started windsurfing using a seat harness, and the habit took me over. Additionally, among seat harnesses, I prefer a good, solid feeling on my back, a support you can lean on.

Over the years, I tried a lot of different harnesses, but one was my favorite: Mystic Batlle Belt. Here is how it looks after, I think, more than ten years of usage.

I would change it for a new one, but somehow, I never got a chance to get my hands on something at least near to this one. Maybe I didn’t search hard enough, but a few harnesses I bought with the intention of replacing this one didn’t satisfy my standards of comfort, freedom of movement, and reliability.

And finally, this year, I came across a harness that looks and feels just like I think a harness should look and feel. It is an Ion Octane.

At first sight, it looks huge, but when you take it in your hands, you will be surprised by its weight. It is at least 25% lighter than my old harness. I also like the sleek Spectre_Bar with an aluminum hook in black color. It is a quality product, no doubt. Kudos to Ion for making this one!

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