The foil season is right ahead. Although I had a great time with Starboard foils last year, especially the giant freeride foil 1600 (unfortunately discontinued for this year, which makes this front wing unique—just one year in production), I decided to make some upgrades.

I got a stronger and longer new V9 aluminum mast (it’s just fine for freeride) and a new Jumbo Evolution Mk2 fuselage (I would need new tail wings for this fuselage, so I got one 330).

The Freeride 2S (900) is a front wing that empowers you to explore sportier foiling, bridging the gap between freeride and SLR, speed and slalom foils. It’s designed for stronger winds, giving you the freedom to push your limits.

However, I also plan to step into slalom foiling with a new SLR2 880 front wing for low wind conditions and SLR2 660 for medium wind conditions (enough for me at my current skill level).

The exciting parts are the slalom SLR2 tail wings: both are 180 cm on the surface, but one is HAR (longer, thinner, high aspect ratio), and the second is regular 180 (shorter, a bit wider).

I can’t wait to try these babies on the water!

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