“At a length of 380 kilometers, the Austrian Romantic Road connects the most beautiful landscapes in Austria like a string of pearls between Salzburg and Vienna – magnificent lake and mountain panoramas and numerous places particularly worth seeing.” This quote is from one of the many websites about this amazing touristic route.

We didn’t plan to go through it, but it happened by itself. After a visit to Camping Fair in Wells, Austria (reports and reviews are coming soon!), on the way back, we decided to visit Salzburg for a day and then take an easy, slow road through the country. At first, we didn’t know that we were on a unique “romantic road,” but the beauty of the scenery forced us to stop many times.

The scenery was breathtaking already in Salzburg, where we stayed at an old Austrian motel. Nothing special, but if any hotel deserves its name, it is this one: “Schöne Aussicht”, Nice View Hotel.

Look at this:

We slowly made our way through the western part of the Romantic Road, from Salzburg to Mondsee, through St. Wolfgang, Bad Ischl, and Hallstatt. On our way, we found some lovely camping places, and we soon realized that we wanted to come and explore this area further. Many walking and hiking routes and bike tracks look so amazing that you simply have to taste them. The fresh and calm lakes invite you to SUP them between the steep mountains. And the air… the air is filling your lungs with pure bliss!

The decision is made: once in the future, we’ll take a week or ten days, maybe, and go through the whole route. Camper style, of course.

Until we do, we can share with you just some of the pictures we made today on this part of Österreichische Romantikstraße.

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