It’s a relatively short hike from Trakošćan Castle, through the forest, quite easy and enjoyable. Nothing special to report, but we wanted to note one more day spend in the nature. 😊

Here are some basic facts about the place.

Ravna Gora is the northernmost mountain of Croatian Zagorje. It is located in the upper basin of the Bednja River and is considered the last branch of the Alps. It stretches 13 km from the west (Trakošćan) to the east (Donja and Gornja Voća).

The highest peak of Ravna Gora is at an altitude of 686 meters, and a lookout point has been built on it. The top of Ravna Gora is wooded.

On the summit ridge are two mountain lodges: PD “Pusti duh” and PD “Filicev dom”, and the chapel of the Holy Three Kings.

Ravna Gora is also an excellent destination for paragliding, mountain biking, hiking, and mushroom picking.

The most attractive thing about Ravna Gora is the rock in the extreme northwest, which rises above the town of Cvetlin, and there are trails for alpinist climbing.

The peaks of Ravna Gora can be reached on foot, along well-marked trails, from Trakošćan (1.5 hours), Bednja (2 hours) or Lepoglava (3 hours).

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