Our journey began from Bol, heading west, and took us through Murvica, where the asphalt road ends. A delightful gravel road led us up and down through vineyards and olive groves, offering a picturesque view of the island of Hvar on the left side.

After approximately six kilometers, you’ll encounter an asphalt road that winds up in challenging switchbacks. If you’re not equipped with an electric bike, be prepared for a demanding ascent that will test your stamina.

When the switchbacks end, at some point, you’ll see a sign indicating that route 768 turns right. We tried to take that path but gave up after a couple hundred meters. The rocks were so sharp and uncomfortable that we feared for our tires. The path may become gentler after that, but we returned to the asphalt and descended to the turnoff for Vidova Gora. The road (which can also be driven by cars) passes through a very beautiful and pleasant pine forest, and at its end, there is a real gem of a view from Vidova Gora, the highest peak of the Adriatic islands.

After returning to the main road, we turned right, followed the signs to Brač airport, and descended back to Bol via switchbacks. Altogether, it took us under three hours of riding time (with breaks), and we covered 56 kilometers. with the elevation gain of 1205 m.

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