A few tracks are leading up to the peak of Sv. Ilija or Mons Vipera on Pelješac. Last year we covered one of them.

This year Sv. Ilija was certainly in the plans, but we didn’t have a clear idea when. Instead of climbing the summit, we focused on exploring some hidden gems around, like Nakovana cave.

This morning we actually wanted to continue with the Nakovana area. The plan was to spend two morning hours in easy hiking. However, life had different ideas for today!

This morning we actually wanted to continue with the Nakovana area. The plan was to spend two morning hours in easy hiking. However, Life had different ideas for today!

Was it Life, or maybe, our happy feet, which were really, really happy, feeling like they could walk on the canopy and clouds, so we decided that today was the day to go to the top of the mountain. The summer day was perfect, not too hot, with a mild breeze from the northeast. Everything was in its place. So, why not? Life is for living, and living is – now!

We started by leaving the car at the entrance to the Nakovana archeological site. There is a locked ramp blocking the path, but apparently, some people have access to the keys. If you are among such, you can drive by unpaved road some three kilometers to the nice little parking clearing. Otherwise, you’ll have to walk a little bit longer, like us. Here is the GPS track:

The path to the summit from Nakovana is easier than from Kučište or Orebić. You walk in the shade of trees and the forest plateau almost all the time. However, that means you will be deprived of amazing views other paths offer (see the pictures in the article “Mons Vipera (Sv. Ilija)”.

Of course, that will be amended once you exit the forest and climb to the peak. What you’ll see there is still one of the best views of the surrounding Adriatic island and the Peljeasc peninsula itself.

While there, on the top, it started to be quite hot. Watching like rags scattered small islands and white trails of motor boats on the surface of the blueness below, you simply must imagine how it would be to dive into that freshness. You start to dream about the touch of the sea; you want to jump in and stay there, illuminated with the bright light of life.

And suddenly, you feel an urge to run down, as soon as possible, to make that dream come true!

That is one of the perks of hiking the mountains near the sea. When you come down, there is nothing better than jumping into the refreshing water and recovering your weary feet and whole body.

Yes, it was superb!

Here are some of the pictures we made today.

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  1. Borna August 21, 2023 at 9:34 am - Reply

    A mandatory ascend to St. Ilija is done! The Universe is in balance, once again. Next year you will have to do it again to keep things in their place ;)

    • Adrian August 21, 2023 at 9:47 am - Reply

      I’ll do my best to keep the Universe in balance! :-)

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