Who can say when is the time for a new board? Some people stick to old goodies, some wait to break the gear. We, however, enjoy occasional change. For the last three seasons, we were riding Starboard Freeride Foil boards, which were more than great, comfortable, forgiving, and in all aspects perfect. They are still in our possession, in perfect condition, and probably, we will have sentimental difficulties in selling them.

Starboard has been gradually introducing changes to their freeride foil boards, as usual, upgrading them with designs from their racing range. This year’s beauties – indeed, the boards look so good they can’t be called anything else – have the best of slalom and race design in them.

Here is what Starboard says about 2024. Freeride Foil boards:

“For 2024, we introduce exciting updates to the Foil Freeride lineup. To enhance performance, we have focused on reducing aerodynamic drag by implementing a lower rocker profile. Additionally, we have incorporated a massive vee design, which effectively minimizes the risk of catapults, allowing riders to push their limits with confidence. Improved take-offs are now achieved through the progressive tail kick, providing the necessary speed for a seamless transition onto the foil. This design element optimizes the board’s performance and enhances the overall foiling experience.“

In comparison, the rear part is slightly thicker than in older models, and the boards, although they are the same width (75 and 85 cm), have slightly more liters (130 instead of 125 and 160 instead of 150). A recess in the mast attachment area lowers the center of gravity and adds stability.

There are two rows of mounting holes for the rear foot straps, and the pad is quite thick and soft, which will probably contribute to the soft and comfortable ride.

Behind the iconic wood-sandwich construction, which seems extremely attractive and stylish, hide two comfortable free-riders with genes of pure racing machines.

The added news is that the boards now come in blue soft woven bags (a potential replacement for the hard bags in case you don’t drive the boards exposed on the roof of your car, but somewhere inside). Like the harder bags, these bags are made from recycled materials, which has been Starboard’s direction for many years.

And another new little thing: the metal washers for attaching the foot straps are now asymmetrically perforated, which allows additional adjustments not only in the height of the foot straps arc but also in its width. This will surely please all windsurfers with wider feet (like me).

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