It was a long time since I unpacked a new Starboard! But this morning, I did. A pleasure born from passion, indeed.

These two beauties are not meant for racing, speed, or any performance – they are for pure, careless, freedom-of-mind enjoyment in summer foiling. Can’t wait to try them!

Well, the bigger one (150 lit, 210×85 cm) is for me, the smaller ones (125 lit, 210×76 cm) for my lighter and gentler companion, but I will definitely try it in stronger winds. (More info about the boards: )

Starboard quality is superb, as usual. The boards are light (Wood Sandwich) but give an impression of quality, strength, and durability. I like the accessories box, the touch, and the feel of everything in the spirit of Starboard. environmental initiatives.

I’m also glad that I bought two Starboard Recover bags. They are also eco-friendly, made from recycled plastic bottles. However, they also look durable, tough, and soft at the same time. Perfect protection (More info about the bags: )

New LoftSails SkyScapes have already arrived. So, I am ready for summer foiling joy!

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Author and writer of more than fifty books, teacher, lecturer, explorer of consciousness, avid windsurfer, and lover of outdoor activities. He’ll write mostly about windsurfing on fin and foil, spot reviews, and camping equipment.
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