We spent almost the whole summer of 2023. In Viganj, Croatia. A perfect place for foiling: reliable afternoon winds (west and northwest – maestral), not too strong, usually 13-20 knots. Also, any wind from the south is channeled into the same place but from the other side. In practice, that means you always have cross-shore wind to sail on.

From one side (Pelješac peninsula) to the other side of the channel (Korčula island), there is approximately one nautical mile.

The chart above is the so-called “heat map” from Strava. Darker lines are on places I windsurfed rarely, and lighter ones show the places I was more often (in front of the Antony Boy camp. I thought that graph would show more windsurf time in the western part of Viganj – that is where I was headed every time because the wind seems to be stronger.

Anyway, it is an interesting graphical visualization: 987 nautical miles (1735) on foil, recorded in 61 sessions from the end of May to the end of September 2023.

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