This weekend, we visited VS customs garage in the small village of Trnovec, near Varaždin (north Croatia). That visit was a result of an internet search for mini caravans. Lately, we have developed a taste for such “toys,” easy to tow and more flexible than large luxurious caravans. Our plan (hopefully next year) for a long road trip over there to Peloponnese, Greece, demands somewhat different vehicles than we have now. At first, it was just a side interest, but as we plunged deeply into that branch of nomad living, we gradually developed a wish for something special, something light and maneuverable but at the same time comfortable enough to make us happy for a month or more on the road.

And, we have to mention a special bonus with such small trailers: they can be charming! Especially those teardrop shapes with a vintage look! You simply have to love them.

We searched the internet and went through many different manufacturers worldwide, considering their products. There are a lot of excellent caravans out there, but we found something special right in our neighborhood: an inventor and caravan builder Siniša Vugrek.

Croatia is not very well known for building vehicles. There is almost nothing worth mentioning if you count out Mr. Rimac and his electric cars. Or we thought so.

After this weekend, we know that Croatia has one of the most friendly, customizable, and quality-wise top products in the field of mini caravans.

Mr. Siniša is not a usual engineer – he is an artist. Literary, he is making unique custom bicycles, cars and campers. He designs them himself, and each product has its soul. You can see that just by looking at some of the things he has in his garage. Well, don’t be misled by the word “garage.” It is a workshop equipped with the most advanced technology.

The idea behind small, custom-made teardrop campers is the oposite of mass production. As Siniša said himself, he is not interested in making thousands of one and the same item. He is interested in something unique; something that will make his customers happy and keep his attention and energy focused on innovation and design.

He produces 5 to 6 teardrop campers per year and sells them mainly to Germany. Price? Well, we don’t know. We are waiting for his offer because… yes, we are interested! We would like to have one of those babies, made exactly how we want. We’ll see how this will work out, and, of course, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime… Well, look at this beauty!

Here are some technical data to help you grasp what this special caravan is about.

It is 4,6 m long (with the towbar) and around 1,9 m high. Inner height is 1,4 m. Inside, you have a bed 2×1,4m — enough space for a tall person(s) to sleep comfortably. And some pretty surprising storage space. You have an outside kitchenette with a fridge and gas cooker at the back. At the front, again, some storage with a particularly clever way to store solar panels.

The caravan weighs 680 kg, so it can be registered as a light trailer of 750 kg and towed with any car (without a B+E driver’s permit). However, in that case, you have only a 70 kg payload. If you want more (and be in the consent with a low), you can register the trailer up to 1500 kg (to tow that, you need a B+E permit).

The body of a caravan is made from three layers of wood. That is important when you consider hot days (and your trailer, for example, made of plastic, as they usually are, left in the Sun) or cold days when you need good insulation to keep you warm during the night.

As for everything else – it is custom. Whatever you want. However you want. Two doors, or just one? Small windows, or a little bigger? Storage for your things, or a third bunk bed for a child or a pet? Increased water tank, or even outside water tank – you name it, and you shall have it!

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

As for a look, and visual impression, mr. Siniša will make a design according to your wishes. Do you want something written on your camper? Or some particular picture, symbol, or photo? Well, everything is doable.

During our visit, there were two caravans in the garage. One, turquoise, the first Siniša made for himself, and one gray, in for a service, owned by a German customer.

With permission, we took some pictures so that you can see why we were so impressed and why we have a strong wish to own a caravan similar to those two, but unique, special, and made according to our needs.

Of course, you can do the same. If you wish, visit the VS Customs web pages and find more information for yourself.

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