Osorščica is a hill in the northern part of the island of Lošinj, just above the small town of Osor (which is on the neighboring island of Cres). The highest peak is Televrina (588 m), but the most popular is Sv. Mikul (557 m) with a stunning view of the island of Lošinj.

Until now, at least for us, the hiking path on the Adriatic islands, with by far the most beautiful view, was the one leading to Sv. Ilija on peninsula Pelješac.

However, after visiting Osorščica, Sv. Ilija’s path got a serious competitor! Let’s say it like this: south belongs to Sv. Ilija, and north to Sv. Mikul.

Osorščica got its name from Osor. Once upon a time, islands Cres and Lošinj were one island called Apsyrtides (Osor Island). Today, those two islands are separated by a sea strait. Ancient Romans created an 11-meter-wide trench for the passage of ships. Today, a drawbridge officially marks the transition from one island to another.

Our adventure started in Pešćine (just above Nerezine; demarcations are visible from the main road). We left the car right at the beginning of the hiking trail (since it was January, there were no people and no cars there). The path is really pleasant; at first, it goes through a pine forest, but soon, you’ll find yourself amazed by a stunning view. You’ll probably want to stop and enjoy the scenery in many places. Take your time, it is worth it.

Demarcations are good and visible, so you can not be lost. Instead of describing it, please look at the photos below. Words are unnecessary in comparison to such beauty.

After a constant but enjoyable climb, you’ll come to a crossroad: left is a path to the highest peak, Televrina (40 minutes), and right is a path to Sv. Mikul (5 minutes). We recommend to visit them both, as we did.

All in all, this easy and enjoyable hike takes a little more than three hours. Considering the beauty of the view, visiting Osorščica on the island of Lošinj is a must! Highly recommended.

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