If you are serious about windsurfing equipment, space is always a problem. Where to put every board you need and every sail you would like to have if the wind decides not to obey the forecast?

Of course, there are different solutions for this problem, and one is a nice trailer capable of carrying all your boards and sails!

Let me introduce to you my newest acquisition: a trailer named Windy. 😊 The closed box is 3 meters long and 1,1 meter high. There is a smaller single door on the front right side and a broad back double door. Inside, there is enough space for at least six boards. With the additional big box on top of the trailer, you can easily carry ten sails and masts, 5-6 booms, fin or foil bags, and all your wet suits bags and other accessories. Of course, except for the special registration plate (WIND), Windy is decorated with the End7ess logo and an “endless wind” message.

The idea is to make space in the van (Mercedes Vito) for more people or use it for comfortable sleeping for two people (140×200 cm bed). The first adventure with this combo will be at the end of April (2022) when we’ll enjoy ten days camping in Bol on the island Brač. Expect the full report! I can’t wait!

Later on, probably in spring 2023., we plan to make a more extended trip through North Macedonia, down to Greece, than island Crete and finish on Karpathos. But, before that time comes, you’ll hear from us a lot. Cheers!

About the Author: Adrian

Author and writer of more than fifty books, teacher, lecturer, explorer of consciousness, avid windsurfer, and lover of outdoor activities. He’ll write mostly about windsurfing on fin and foil, spot reviews, and camping equipment.
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