Many motorhomes manufacturer this year started to build on a Ford Transit basis. Before that, the king was Fiat Ducato (and his cousins Peugeot and Citroen). The second place held the Mercedes Sprinter, and then very few other vans (Man, WW, Renault, etc.)

Ford Transit brought some excellent possibilities to the segment thanks to its features. For example, inside headroom of over two meters (compare this with 190 in Ducato and 189 in Sprinter without special roof interventions). It is a considerable advantage for taller people, but it also makes a difference for everyone – the feeling with a higher ceiling is more spacious, regardless of height.

Ford’s minor but significant argument is also a few centimeters wider front windshield. Shorter people would not notice this, but for someone taller than 190 cm, the visibility is significantly better in Ford.

And special applause for Weinsberg: they somehow managed to make a transversal bed 193 cm long (other manufacturers are a few centimeters shorter, on the same Ford basis). Plus, they offered the possibility of left side widening, thus enabling a unique 203 cm long TRANSFERSE bed in a campervan!

Someone in Weinsberg really cares about the disadvantage of taller people. Thank you, Weinsberg!

You will forgive us for praising these features so much, but you would do it too, for sure, after searching for years for a suitable campervan and not finding it, because everything is two sizes smaller than it should be. It is no wonder that we are delighted with the Weinsberg Carabus. At the moment, it is our number one choice.

The rest of the camper is excellent. The quality of the materials is outstanding. The garage is also one of the biggest, if not the biggest, in the segment (at least 10 cm taller and 20 cm wider than in similar vans). This last feature was on account of gas bottles, which are reduced to one small 4 liters bottle. For us, this is quite ok because such a camper is not meant to host you for months but days. The smaller gas bottle is acceptable because, in return, you get a huge space for your sports equipment.

To be fair, there is one small minus: the fridge could have a two-sided opening like many others have. At the moment, the refrigerator can be opened just from the inside, so it is more challenging to take something from it when you are outside. It would be nice to correct that in the next edition.

Everything else is superb.

More about Weinsberg Carabus you can find on their official web pages:

There are two variants: shorter (5,5 m) and longer (6 m). Also, you can choose between three colors: white, non-metallic light gray, and metallic dark gray. There is plenty of additional equipment to configure the vehicle according to your preferences.

The price of the 2023 model is somewhere 55000 euros for everything basis, up to 85000 euros if you go for the strongest motor, alloy wheels, all Ford assistance, automatic gearshift, ambient lightning, awning, etc.

Here is a short video we made in Caravan Salon in Wels.

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