Let’s make it clear: we didn’t stay at this camp. The reason: it is just five minutes drive from our home! Advertised as a “first wine camp in Croatia”, this continental camping perl is, unfortunately, the only one in the far northern part of Croatia. However, being the only one doesn’t mean it is not according to the highest standards of camping. Quit the contrary; it is one of the best-equipped camps we have ever seen.

The camp is not big, but it is perfectly located in a quiet green area surrounded by grapevines, linden, chestnut, and cherry trees.

There are 12 camping lots – size: 80 – 100 m² – the names of the lots have been coined by grape wine varieties in Međimurje wine county. Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pušipel, Pinot bijeli (classic/blanc/white), Pinot sivi (gris/grigio/grey), Žuti muškat (Yellow muscato), Silvanac, Rajnski rizling, Pjenušac (sparkling wine), Graševina, Traminac, Pinto crni (noir/dark).

Well, it is a wine camp, after all.

Here are their official web pages.

But, you should know that upper Međimurje is well known for its orientation to organic and holistic food. If you cook your own food, just ask your hosts about organically grown food, and you will be able to buy it. And, there is a restaurant inside Therme Sveti Martin that serves organic vegetarian meals. Oh, did we mention that the camp is within walking distance (700 meters) from the Therme hotel, with thermal pools, nice wellness with saunas, and other health-orientated services? And all that in the quietness of green hills, fresh air, hundreds of kilometers of bike tracks, dozens of wineries around in the villages of Železna Gora and Sveti Urban and the town of Štrigova.

Yeah, we are traveling all around, and here, in our neighborhood, is something we would like to visit anytime.

In a conversation with a lady owner of the camp, we asked her where their guests were coming from. Not from Croatia, for sure.

She smiled and said: “Of course not. Who from Croatia is camping? You two and maybe five more people?”

We laugh, but this joke is not far from the truth. Croatians have a country worth visiting from another side of the planet, but they themselves are rather spending their time drinking coffee in shopping malls.

Well, things can, hopefully, change. In the meantime, the Wine Camp will be a host to guests from the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany.

During our short visit (we came to buy a lot of organic fresh juices for a labyrinth party the following weekend), we took some photos.

Wine Camp Hažić score

Wine Camp Hažić, Croatia

This is somewhat different scoring, because, we were not guests of the camp. But, this camp stands up in so many features, that no mistakes can be made.

Location: If you like it continental, the location can not be better! Quiet, green, walking and biking tracks, fresh air – this camp has it all. Our score: 10.

Environment: Quiet, green, beautiful. Again, Our score: 10

Accessibility: The camp is easy to find, and access is also easy (wide entrance, suitable for the largest campers and caravans). Score: 10.

Functionality: Everything is new and shiny. You have it all. Score: 10

Comfort: Highest possible. The toilets and showers are closed and heated. Camp is excellent for winter conditions. There is no shade, though. So, in the summer, you will have to rely on your own cooling. Score: 8.

Hospitality: Judging by the first impression and talking to the owners, the score can not be less than 10.

Added values: 10 + 6 + 8 = 8

Our score for sports activities: 10; cultural activities: 5; gastronomy: 9. Average: 8

As we already mentioned, biking is the number one sport activity, but you can walk around among green meadows and hills (it is not hiking, but it is a nice recreation). However, the Therme Sveti Martin has tennis courts, pools, a sports hall, you name it.

The only thing which you could be missing is cultural activities. Not many concerts or theaters around, although you may come across some traditional or folk manifestations.

Gastronomy is greatly enhanced by the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, who was born in the nearby village (Therme Sveti Martin took his legacy and transform it into its advertising motto: The First Helthenss Resort in Europe). All in all, holistic and organic is a buzzwords around. If you are into more traditional cuisine, you’ll find some good restaurants around.

The overall score for Wine Camp Hažić is 9,43 (The highest we ever gave to any camp in our scoring. Međimurje rules!)

Will we return?

It is in our neighborhood, so we will probably not be the guests of this camp. But, if this pearl would be anywhere else on our travel map, then YES, for sure.

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