It is not new, actually. For years already, I have been watching increasing numbers of wing foilers on the water. Windsurfers and kitesurfers both switched to wings, which resulted in fewer kitesurfers, while classic windsurfers kept their numbers (which is around 30% in typical windy spots like Viganj, Croatia). That is my observation, of course – I may be wrong, but that’s the impression.

I am somewhat inert in trying new things, so when I was busy learning to wind foil, others were already advancing in wing foiling. Well, this summer, I intend to change that and see what is all the fuss about.

People say the learning curve is much easier than in windsurfing (something like in kitesurfing). The excitement and full enjoyment comes much earlier because the foil lift’s you up in the air after a few sessions (you’ll need a year or two to experience planning in windsurfing). The equipment is less troublesome: the wing board is smaller and functions very well as an inflatable. Wings are also partially inflatable, and you can wrap them in a small bag. There is no need for the whole range of sails (or kites) because you can change the power area of the wing with a small move of your hand. That results in the possibility of the usage of one wing in a wide range of wind power.

It is not a small matter: one board, one foil, and, let’s say, a maximum of two wings, and you are all ready and set for most of the conditions. That kind of material you can easily fit into a regular car; no need for vans, trucks, or trailers.

As for the easiness and speed of achieving the zone feeling… again, people say it is quick, almost immediate. Of course, it is not the same when you start with an experience in the foiling of any kind (wind or kite). In this case, experience in surfing would also come handy.

Anyway, I’ll check that and let you know. 😊

My entry equipment consists of Gong Hipe 5,5 Inflatable board (145 lit), wings Plus V2 5m2, and Superpower 7,5 m2, with a Gong foil Allvator V2 XXL (2100 cm2). That should suffice for my weight and the advantage of previous experience in windsurfing and windfoiling.

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