Did you ever wonder why bicycle seats are so uncomfortable? However soft they are, and however your lower back and crotch are used to them, they are always – but always – pressing and blistering. It is not just about comfort; if you are a man cycling a lot, you should be aware that you are in danger. By design, usual seats press the sensible area just over your prostate. Two hours of bicycle riding will irritate your prostate, and you’ll probably have heightened PSA values the day after. Many avid cyclists end up with prostate problems, sometimes quite severe.

If you already have an enlarged prostate, your doctor will probably forbid you to ride a bike. It is a pity because the solution exists.

I was looking for it because I felt the usual bicycle seats no longer worked for me. However, the most common protective seats are split seats meant for an upright position. Ok, but that deprives you of riding a racing bike or any more sporty bikes.

A couple of months ago, I came across All-Wings Falcon Evo4 Seat, made for racing bicycles. Of course, the seat is compatible with any bicycle seat post.

Look strange, doesn’t it? But it works perfectly! I ordered it with suspicion, but after first sitting, I was sure I had found the perfect bicycle seat. Although it doesn’t look that way, the seat is very comfortable. The pressure is on your buttocks, so by default, it is much softer than your crotch – and there are no sensitive internal organs there. I thought that I would need some foam reinforcement under the pants, and I made it, but it is not really necessary. (You can do that for beginning or longer rides, but the seat functions well as it is.)

After trying this invention, I wonder why they are still doing classical bicycle seats. This design is so much better. For men is almost a necessity, but it works well for ladies, too.

The seat comes with a warning: “The unique All-Wings saddle design requires each rider to gradually adjust the settings for the best and most comfortable position for them.” I can see why the warning, but in my case, I just attached the seat in the middle position, and it was fine. Maybe I should play with this more, but those details refer to particular bike riding styles.

Few words from the manufacturer.

The flexible material and thoughtful construction allow for a greater range of movements. This will give you more power with every turn of the pedals.

seat material: Nylon + TPR

rail material: alloy of steel, chromium, and molybdenum (Cr-Mo)

saddle weight: 0.205 kg

maximum load: 100 kg

dimensions : 300mm x 140mm x 70mm

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