We’ve been considering exploring the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina for a long time, but we’ve never had the right opportunity to do it until now. At the invitation of a friend, we decided to visit Mostar, a city with a long history and tradition. In recent decades, that history has been somewhat tragic due to the unfortunate war, the consequences of which are still felt today. However, to our great satisfaction, we saw that the area was ready to heal the deep wounds inflicted by humans.

From our base in Bol, on the island of Brač, Croatia, we headed to neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina. The trip took us about four hours, including the ferry that runs for about one hour from Sumartin on Brač to Makarska on the coast.

Our initial impression of Bosnia and Herzegovina was one of awe. The country is surprisingly well-organized, has good roads, and, most importantly, boasts untouched nature. The allure of the green forests, rocky hills, and the emerald-clear Neretva River was irresistible. We were drawn to this place, and now, having experienced its beauty, we are eager to return and delve deeper into its wonders. Our hike on Velika Vlajina was just a glimpse of the endless beauty that awaits.

Camping Neretva

Camp Neretva, situated on the river’s bank, is a hidden gem at the northern exit from Mostar. Their official website is here: https://campingneretva.ba/. The camp, with its picturesque setting, exceeded our expectations upon arrival. The real-life experience surpassed the beauty captured in the official photos, making it a must-visit for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

We got the impression that most visitors stay for one or two nights, which is a shame because Mostar and its surroundings really deserve more than that. The camp has separate plots with electricity (included in the price). On the left side are slightly larger plots on a gravel surface; on the right side, towards the river, are smaller plots with a grass surface. The area is clean, tidy, and quiet (during the night, you will occasionally hear the passing of a nearby train, but this is mostly imperceptible, and the prevailing sounds are the sounds of nature, the chirping of birds and just a hint of the sound of the Neretva River, which you can go down to by stairs.

The toilets and showers are neat, and there is always hot water. What can we say? The highest rating is well deserved!

The only drawback to the camp is the somewhat unorganized access. First of all, to turn off the main road (coming through town) onto the road leading to the camp, you have to commit a traffic violation (cross two solid lines). If you are coming from the other side, it is almost impossible for a larger vehicle to make a sharp 180-degree turn. This means it is very difficult to get to the camp towing a caravan (we didn’t see any). Also, the approach is a macadam road full of potholes, so you must drive carefully for a few hundred meters. But once you are in the camp, those troubles stop, and we believe that both the city and the camp owners will do their best to solve that one little thing that gets in the way of perfection.

Camp Neretva Score

Location: It could not be better. It is in the city but completely surrounded by nature. Our score is 10.

Environment: Again, it can not be better. The presence of the emerald-clean river Neretva is heavenly. Score: 10

Accessibility: The camp is easy to find, but the access needs improvement. It is unsuitable for caravans, only motorhomes (larger ones will have some difficulties). Our score is 7.

Functionality: Everything works. A little more space for dishes and quick laundry could be useful, but our score is 10.

Comfort: Great. Our score is 10.

Hospitality: It was fine, as expected. There could have been a little more explanation of how plots are determined and our options. But no worries; everything is fine. Score: 10.

Added values: 10 + 10 + 10 = 10

Our score for sports activities: 10; cultural activities: 10; gastronomy: 10. Average: 10

The added values will most likely draw you to this place. First, the camp is a good starting point for exploring the untouched nature surrounding Mostar. You can hike, bike, and walk and probably never get tired of new discoveries. It is ideal for adventurers and sports lovers like us.

Regarding culture, Mostar offers a superb opportunity to feel the crossroads of traditions. The Old Bridge is just one of the attractions you have to see. The whole old town is a walking and living museum of different influences from the West and the East—the best of both worlds, we would say. Look at the pictures we took; you’ll quickly understand what we are talking about.

And finally, gastronomy is not restricted to meat eaters! We saw more than a few vegan offerings and enjoyed a great dinner at the Food House Mostar.

The overall score for Camp Neretva is 9.6.

Will we return?

Yes, yes and yes! For a million reasons, this camp is a great choice for staying and enjoying Mostar and its surroundings.

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