Let’s start with a dancing break on the highway to Zadar. You have to be hopeful, always. Especially when times are hard, don’t be shy – dance whenever you have a chance!

A short review of Falkensteiner Premium Camp

As the name says, it is a premium camp! We arrived around 17:00. It was still daylight, and we got a nice look at the camp pitches. There were not many campers around, but enough to make us envy those few who enjoy the beautiful seaside, quietness, and comfort in the middle of Zadar!

The pitches are big, with water and electricity. You can take blue, gold, or diamond pitch (depending on how far from the Sea you want to be).

The toilets and the showers are clean, and everything looks neat. It is a place you want to spend some time. Not in summer, though, because I imagine it can be pretty crowded. But now, it is just perfect in the middle of March! Yes, the camp is open year-round.

As a camp guest, you have a bonus: free wellness and an inner and outer warm water pool.

Of course, we did take the bonus gladly!

Camp scoring

Falkensteiner Premium Camp Zadar

Location: Camp is located in the city! You are within walking distance of downtown Zadar with all its cultural, historical and artistic values. At the same time, camp is on the shore, with a nice beach right in front of it. Suitable for children, some swimming (not too far because of the small boats). Of course, all that means an (extreme) crowdedness during high season. Our score for location: 7.

Environment: It is an urban environment with apartments and private houses. Marina is nearby. When you exit the camp, you are right on the city streets. Our score for the environment: 7.

Accessibility: No problem with that. Easy to find. Any vehicle or caravan can enter. The terrain is slightly sloped. Our score: 10.

Functionality: Everything is new, clean, and works perfectly! No worries here. Our score: 10.

Comfort: No worries here, either. Parcels are big enough for the biggest caravans or campers. There is electricity and water on every parcel. Toilets and showers are plenty in numbers. The feeling is luxurious! Our score: 10.

Hospitality: We were there just for one night, and the little contact we had with the staff was more than satisfactory. Our score: 10.

Added values: Our score for sports activities: 2; cultural activities: 10; gastronomy: 3. Average: 5

Falkensteiner camp is not focused on sports activities. Of course, you can ride a bike through the city, or go swimming (well, sort of – the harbor is near). Near Zadar, there are a lot of opportunities for an active holiday, but for that, you have to leave the camp and drive around. So, our score for that is – 2.

On the other hand, cultural activities are plenty. If that’s what you are looking for, Falkensteiner is a place to stay. Our score: 10.

Gastronomy. Unfortunately, we are not impressed with what Zadar has to offer. Classic “Croatian” food is not enough for a refined taste. You’ll eat something, that’s true, but there will be not many choices in any restaurant you visit. Meat, fish, fry potatoes, rice. Some salad. We’ll gladly rethink our score when we visit next time, but for now, our score is – 3.

Will we return?

YES. Yes, for sure. It is worth returning, but not in the high season. For our taste, this camp is a winter seaside diamond.

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