Back to the continent after Lošinj and Cres island experience. We decided to spend a Sunday morning on the side roads of upper Međimurje.

Here is our today’s track (+30 km of circular bicycling in an hour and a half, with stops):

Međimurje is the most northern county of Croatia. It is also bicycle friendly, especially the “upper” part consisting of green hills and vineyards. There are hundreds of kilometers of bicycle tracks. if you want to ride on asphalt roads, you will find many with almost no traffic. If you want to ride through forests, fields, or macadam tracks, you got it! There are plenty of choices. The hills will ensure that you will always have some challenges ahead, and the views are more than pleasant.

Did you know that young primrose leaves in spring are excellent for purifying digestion and blood? We had the perfect addition to today’s salad!

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