Zrmanja is one of the most beautiful rivers in Croatia. You can find out more on THIS LINK.

Zrmanja is well known for rafting adventures, but not many people know that you can SUP on the lower part of the river, from the city of Obrovac, all the way down to the Novigrad Sea. It is a four-hour and 13 kilometers long SUPing adventure.

You have to come in two cars. First, go to Meka Draga, a small touristic village on the shore of the Novigrad Sea. You can use the navigation to find it; otherwise, it is around 2 kilometers on the left from the main road from Karin to Obrovac (a 45-minute drive from Zadar).

Leave one car in the parking place right on the shore. Be sure to leave some clothes in the car. You’ll need them when you come again – but this time from the seaside. Take your SUPs and drive with a second vehicle (20 minutes) to Obrovac. When you pass the bridge in Obrovac, turn left, and after 20 meters, turn left again (to the narrow road alongside the buildings). Drive to the meadow beside the children’s football playground. You’ll leave the second car here. Tako your SUPs out, put some neoprene on, and prepare for an adventure!

Zrmanja is a slow river in the lower part. Choose a windless day, especially avoid northwest wind because that wind will enter the canyon, and you’ll have to paddle against the wind all the time. The south wind is better, but you’ll have trouble when you reach the Sea. So, a windless day is the best.

With slow and easy paddling and nice breaks along the way, you’ll enjoy this adventure for four hours. The canyon is silent and possesses eternal beauty. Be free to stop in the middle of the river and sit on your SUP board, enjoying the moment.

When you reach the Sea, turn left and paddle along the shore for some 20-30 minutes, and you’ll get to the Meka Draga again, where you left your first car.

Some of our moments with Zrmanja

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