Our usual rhythm for ending the summer is to make a stop while returning from Viganj and stay a night or two at the Vrana Campsite.

Besides being a very pleasant and quiet place, Vrana Lake offers a multitude of possibilities for recreational activities. For example, you can take (or rent) a kayak and enjoy discovering places around the shore that would otherwise remain hidden. That is something we didn’t do, but we made a serious note to plan a prolonged stay next year and devote a few days to paddling around Vrana Lake.

What we did instead was a nice bike ride around the lake! There are no big ups and downs; the path is mostly flat and goes all around the lake. It is definitely one of the most pleasant, easy, and enjoyable bicycle routes in middle Dalmatia. Take three hours (around 45 kilometers) so you can stop and enjoy many places near the lake.

This bike track is cordially recommended for everyone, no matter the strength or skill, especially if you are in pursuit of real SoulBike adventures!

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