Vransko jezero is the largest natural lake in Croatia, covering an area of 30,2 km²; it is 13,6 km long and 1,4-3,4 km wide. It stretches parallel with the sea coast in a northwest-southeast direction, separated from the sea by an 800-2500 m wide limestone ridge with an altitude of 113 m above sea level. Vransko is a karst field filled with water, and by its position, to the world sea level, it is a crypto depression (-4 m). It is elongated and shallow, 2-6 m deep, the shallowest in the northwestern part (0,5-1 m) where it is covered with sedge and reed, and deepest in the southeast (4-6 m).

The whole lake and the area around it is a Nature Park. Inside it, in the northwestern part, is an Ornithological Reserve, proclaimed as early as 1983, one of the most ornithologically valuable areas in Croatia and is a fundamental phenomenon for conservation of the entire Nature Park. With an area of 8.83 km2, it occupies the northwestern part of Lake Vrana to the very border of the Nature Park.

The Reserve inhabits important populations of 13 bird species whose local population from Vransko Lake is important for the stability of the entire population on national, European, and global levels, or even important for the survival of the entire species! More about the birds of Vrana lake you can find HERE.

We hope that the above description inspired you to visit such a special place! It is indeed special, and we plan to spend more time around it. However, for now, we had only one night stand with the camping place inside the Nature Park. Actually, to be precise, it was our third visit to the camp. Every time we took a night break on our path to south Croatia. But, we were around before, on bike tours around the lake and even windsurfing on strong bora wind.

It’s a camp for nature lovers, for sure. But, its nearness to the Sea and many touristic places (Zadar, Biograd, Šibenik) make it a perfect base to explore the middle Adriatic.

Vrana camp

It is a modern, comfortable camp, offering flat parcels in the deep shade of trees. There are four types of plots: premium lake, premium, comfort and “campsite”. Basically, the difference is how far you are from the lakeshore (“campsites” are 100m away). All plots have electricity.

The toilets and showers are in a new, comfortable and clean building. If you need, you can use washing machines, empty your chemical toilets, play some social games or use the barbeque.

Everything is nice and orderly, and the air is fresh and clean. You’ll sleep like a child.

You can find more about the camp on their official website HERE.

Here are some of our photos of the camp facilities taken during our stay.

Vrana camp score

Camp Vrana, Croatia

Location: The location of the camp can not be better! It is in a quiet place, in nature, but at the same time only 10 minutes from main motorway A1. Half an hour to Zadar, approximately the same as Šibenik (two of the culturally most attractive cities in middle Dalmatia. Our score for location: 10.

Environment: Perfect! What to say: you are in the Nature Park! On the lakeshore, inhabited by rare birds. The only objection is a road leading to the entrance of the camp. The road is actually ok, but the cars are speeding. Some restrictions on speed or at least warnings could be in place. Our score for the environment: 9.

Accessibility: No problem. You can reach the camp from the motorway or the Seaside. The entrance is wide and large; the camp is easy to find. The terrain is flat. Our score: 10.

Functionality: Everything is new, clean, and works perfectly! No worries here. Our score: 10.

Comfort: Parcels are big enough for the biggest caravans or campers. There is electricity on every parcel. Toilets and showers are plenty in numbers. The feeling is comfortable! Our score: 10.

Hospitality: Email communication is fast and precise. The staff members are nice and hospitable. No objection here. Our score: 10.

Added values: Our score for sports activities: 10; cultural activities: 8; gastronomy: 3. Average: 7

Vrana camp is ideal for an active vacation. You can sit on your bike right in the camp and ride for hours through nature and around the lake. Or you can do that on foot.

Watersports – of course. SUPing, kayaking or windsurfing, everything goes, depending on conditions (bora wind is strong, so be careful – it’s only for advanced windsurfers)

Due to its nearness to Šibenik and Zadar (and Biograd, of course), cultural activities are plentiful. You have to drive a little, but the distances are not long – everything is inside an hour’s drive at the most.

Gastronomy… Well, it is constant trouble for Croatian tourism. It seems that people here are so convinced that fat meat, fish, and potatoes are some kind of “brand” worth keeping. Unfortunately, it isn’t so. As vegetarian gourmands, we look forward to better days in Croatian gastronomy.

Overal score for Vrana camp is 9,4.

Will we return?

YES. Yes, for sure. Hopefully, for more than one night.

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