It’s Vidova Gora on the island of Brač, Croatia. The height of 780 m above the Sea does not look impressive at first sight. However, bear in mind that starting point is relatively low, so there is quite some altitude to master before your reach the peak.

Vidova Gora sits right above Bol, a small town of extraordinary beauty, planetary known because of the natural phenomenon called The Golden Cape or The Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat).

Zlatni Rat is a spit of land located about 2 kilometers west of the Bol harbor. The beaches on either side of the spit extend for some 634 meters altogether, but the exact shape and length of the landform varies with regard to the tide, current, and wind changes. The spit points directly south. The farthest end, which is usually turned slightly toward the east, will often shift to the west in certain weather conditions, esp. a robust south-easterly wind known in Croatia as the “jugo”. Changes in the shape of the beach occur once every two to three years. The surrounding waters are usually cool and clear, due to the current in the Hvar Channel. And the place is perfect for windsurfing!

Well, when you climb on Vidova Gora, you’ll enjoy a multitude of sights on Zlatni Rat!

The starting point is reachable from the shore, but we took a car to spare ourselves from walking the streets (10 minutes). Unfortunately, at the beginning of the road (demarcations are clear, you can not miss them), some reckless construction company decided to use nature as a car and truck garbage storage. We didn’t care to take the pictures, but it is a shame for a touristic place like Bol.

But, after a few hundred meters of rusty metal horror, the path goes slightly and steadily up the rocky scenery. There is enough shade from green trees, but it is recommended that you start your journey earlier in the morning. Daily heat on the island mountain can be unbearable.

With a steady and peaceful tempo, it’s a 2 hours hike to Vidova Gora (11km up and down). And when you are up… well, it’s a sight you won’t forget so easily!

Vidova Gora is reachable with the car from another side (inside the island). Many people come to enjoy the view. But to go on foot is a special treat for outdoor lovers. If you come to Bol, you should do it at least once. Enjoy!

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    Baš lijep opis! Prvom prilikom idem na Brač! 💓

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