No, I am not in the competition again. It’s just that this board is an Olympics standard for 2024. and probably for 2028. I wanted something sportier than Freeride foil and, at the same time, more friendly than technically demanding slalom boards. Is this the right choice? Well, I’ll let you know when I try it for the first time. Foil is also IQ Olympics: fuselage 115, front wing 900, back wing 225.

This picture is from Bol, island Brač, Croatia, but there were some problems with the fuselage, so I had to postpone the first sailing. Instead, I enjoyed a few charming days with the afternoon mistral wind. I have to admit, due to difficulties with entrance on Bol, I avoided that place for a long time. However, the windsurfing was superb! I like the smooth wavy surface, which is ideal for foiling. I’ll come again, for sure.

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