Some places are unforgettable: no matter how many times you visit them, they always surprise you with their timeless beauty. One such place is Vidova Gora on the island of Brač. Croatia.

For us, Vidova Gora is more than just the highest peak of the Adriatic islands, standing tall at 780 meters above sea level. It’s a place we’ve visited before, and one we’re certain to return to.

The view is magnificent throughout the climb, especially on the summit. There are moments when you must stop and look at the blueness below. If you do that (and you should), you will certainly remember what matters in life.

Imperceptibly, as if nothing had happened, we easily get lost in unimportant things, thinking they are essential and inevitable. We convince ourselves that “the right one” will come later, maybe soon, but definitely sometime. Meanwhile, the beauty of the world awaits us. We should open our eyes NOW and really look at what’s around us.

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Author and writer of more than fifty books, teacher, lecturer, explorer of consciousness, avid windsurfer, and lover of outdoor activities. He’ll write mostly about windsurfing on fin and foil, spot reviews, and camping equipment.
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